The Picture of Health. Public Health Improvement Plan
Evaluating Public Health: Assessment Results

Overview of Assessment Results

The assesment's scoring system allowed SSCHC community partners to prioritize the results of the local assessment and set goals that would address areas of greatest need.

In May of 2004, SSCHC partners reconvened to review the results of the local public health assessment. On a scale of 1 to 100 (with 100 being the best score), the SSCHC communities received an overall Public Health Performance score of 45. This score summarizes the overall delivery and capacity of public health services in the seven SSCHC communities.

Overall, the assessment tool indicated that 29% of the 10 Essential Services of Public Health (ESPH) were being fully delivered within the SSCHC communities. The remaining 71% of Essential Services were identified as only partially delivered or in some cases, not delivered at all.