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Pandemic Flu: What is the SSCHC Doing?

Pandemic Flu
What is the SSCHC Doing?

The SSCHC is working to create a regional pandemic influenza plan, which will outline steps to take in any pandemic situation, including communication with the general public, vaccination, community preparedness activities and strategies for containing the spread of disease.  These plans focus strongly on non-pharmaceutical interventions such as voluntary isolation and quarantine of ill and exposed individuals, social distancing and cancellation of public events and building and/or business closures.  It also addresses the needs of special needs populations, protection of first responders and the role of law enforcement and social service agencies throughout a pandemic situation.

Another part of the pandemic planning process is the creation of a Medical Surge Plan.  This plan will outline a process for providing coordinated community-based medical care to victims of a pandemic when the demand for care exceeds the capacity of the local hospital.  The SSCHC is fortunate to have the support of Wentworth-Douglass Hospital and Strafford County, as well as its regular planning partners, in coordinating this effort.

For information on how you can prepare for pandemic or any public health emergency, please visit our Public Health Preparedness Resources.