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Building a Safe and Healthy NH

The Southern Strafford Community Health Coalition (SSCHC) is one of 14 Local Public Health Networks (LPHNs) encompassing 118 cities and towns in New Hampshire. The local Public Health Networks are charged with assuring the health and safety of New Hampshire residents by ensuring the effective delivery of the 10 Essential Services of Public Health (ESPH). The 10 Essential Services identify and define specific Public Health activities that should be undertaken in every community in order to ensure its health and safety.

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In order to assure the effective delivery the 10 Essential Services, each of the local Public Health Networks are engaging a broad spectrum of public health interests and are working together to address complex public health issues on a regional basis.

Every local network serves as a unique model of community collaboration, seeking to respect and accommodate local differences, integrate public and private capacity for public health services and protect the health of its residents. Public Health is a collective responsibility entrusted to the people of New Hampshire. By working together as a region, we are better able to create opportunities and coordinate our efforts to maximize limited resources.