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The NH All Health Hazards Regions (AHHR)

The NH All Health Hazards Regions (AHHR)

For almost four years, the Southern Strafford Community Health Coalition (SSCHC) and other public health networks across NH have been working with local first responders, municipalities and other stakeholders to integrate public health into all regional and local emergency response efforts.  With a seat at the emergency response table, representatives from the field of public health are able to coordinate with local health care agencies, social support agencies and non-profits to ensure that any crisis response addresses the health and human service needs of the affected population.

Recognizing the need to formalize the role of public health as an integral part of state-wide emergency preparedness and response, the State of NH, with funding from the Centers from Disease Control, began to fund regional All Health Hazards Regions in 2006.  Like the Public Health Networks, these regions have a responsibility to protect the public’s health.  AHHRs differ from the Public Health Networks because they focus exclusively on Public Health Preparedness and Response rather than the 10 Essential Services

Currently, NH AHHRs are funded to conduct pandemic flu planning.  The distribution and use of these funds is overseen by the NH DHHS Pandemic Planning Coordinating Committee (PPCC), which is composed of stakeholders representing public health and local communities.  Since 2006, The SSCHC has received approximately $70,000 to carry out pandemic planning for Southern Strafford County.  Under a Memorandum of Understanding with its partner communities, the SSCHC oversees the development of a regional pandemic influenza plan and monitors the region's progress.

Map of NH All Health Hazards Regions