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Setting Priorities: SSCHC Priorities: Monitoring Health Status

Monitoring Health Status
The SSCHC Response

The SSCHC is committed to the creation, dissemination and periodic updating of a Community Health Profile (CHP). In order to create an effective profile, the SSCHC will:

  1. Collect community health data every three years in order to monitor progress towards health-related objectives
  2. Compile and periodically update a CHP using community health data
  3. Promote community-wide use of the CHP and/or assessment data and assure that this information can be easily accessed by the community

Each profile will contain information specific to Southern Strafford County. By monitoring this data on a regular basis, the SSCHC will be better able to identify priority public health concerns.

For more information or to participate in the creation of a Community Health Profile, please contact us or send in the participation form.