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What is a Community Health Profile?

A Community Health Profile (CHP) is a common set of measures that can be used by the local community to identify health threats and set priorities around health issues. The CHP includes broad-based surveillance data and measures related to health status and health risk at individual and community levels. It displays information about long-term trends in the community’s health, along with associated risk factors and health resources.

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Local-level data is compared with peer, state and national benchmarks to see how our area compares to others. Data and information may be displayed in multiple formats for various audiences such as the media, individual members of the general public or community-based organizations.

While many organizations in Strafford County do their own assessments of community needs, Southern Strafford County has never had access to a comprehensive CHP.  Local level data is often unavailable.  A concerted effort to obtain and analyze relevant information at the local level would help to identify major health concerns in the community. Ultimately, identified needs can be targeted for improvement and resources can be used to address the underlying causes of poor health outcomes.