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Setting Priorities: SSCHC Priorities: Health Education and Promotion

The SSCHC Response

When organizations form collaborative networks to focus on health education and promotion efforts, they are more effective.  Over the next few years, SSCHC partners will collaborate and coordinate their efforts and leverage resources to provide education and promotion of public health issues in our area.  SSCHC partners have chosen two primary areas of focus:

Information and Referral

Strafford County contains a wealth of resources for its residents. Visiting nurses, primary care services, housing assistance, transportation options, resources for families, and crisis support are all examples of services that are available to our community members. This complex network of support services can be difficult to navigate. Organizations that provide information and referral to individuals are a vital resource for individuals struggling to find the services they need to improve their lives.

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There are several organizations within Strafford County that provide information and referral services. Sometimes it can be difficult to locate the correct information and referral provider for a particular need. The Health Education and Promotion Action Team has decided to help address the need for more accessible information and referral sources. Social service agencies, medical care providers, educators, financial assistance organizations and housing assistance providers all work on a regular basis to connect community members to the appropriate services. To assist these, and other providers, the SSCHC is collaborating with the Northern Strafford County Health and Safety Council   and the Strafford County Community Action Program  to update, publish and disseminate a comprehensive list of available services. The Directory of Strafford County Services was made available in early Fall, 2005

As a convening organization, the SSCHC regularly brings together community organizations that might not otherwise come into contact.  The SSCHC will work to facilitate networking of its members, so that they are more aware of the resources and opportunities that are available to their clients.  SSCHC partners will continue to seek out opportunities to improve access to information and referral sources and will update their workplan with new strategies and activities as they arise.

For the most recent report of our activities in this area, please click here.

For more information, or to participate in our health education and promotion efforts, please contact us or send in the participation form.