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The SSCHC partnership chose to focus on planning for, and responding to, public health emergencies. Among the greatest needs identified by SSCHC partners in this area was the need for individual communities to collaborate and coordinate their local emergency planning efforts.  The SSCHC is working with emergency response and public safety officials, municipal agencies, health and human service organizations and schools to ensure that current emergency planning and response efforts address the protection of public health to the fullest extent possible. These planning efforts should increase the region’s capacity to respond to all public health emergencies, including those created by chemical hazards or bioterrorism.

In order to address these needs, SSCHC partners have engaged (or are currently involved) in the following activities

  1. Distribution of $22,000 in grants to the Towns of Barrington, Lee, Madbury and Rollinsford and the City of Somersworth to update their local emergency operations plans.  Up-to-date plans will include a comprehensive section addressing the public health and medical needs of the community.
  2. Facilitation of meetings of first responders and school, health and municipal officials to identify ways that local-level agreements can be used to strengthen emergency plans related to health and human service needs on a regional level
  3. Regular trainings for local health officers (Held in coordination with the Northern Strafford County Health and Safety Council)
  4. Participation in local and regional emergency response exercises
  5. Creation of an emergency response resource directory for Strafford County

For more information, or to participate in our regional public health emergency planning efforts, please contact us or send in the participation form.