The Picture of Health. Public Health Improvement Plan
Setting Priorities: SSCHC Priorities: Support Individual and Community Health Efforts

The SSCHC Response

The SSCHC is committed to coordinating and collaborating with all public health stakeholders within Southern Strafford County. The SSCHC will work with traditional and non-traditional public health partners to identify, assess and address public health needs within the seven SSCHC communities.

In order to accomplish this, the SSCHC has committed to strategies that include regular collection and compilation of public health data (Priority B1), health education and promotion efforts (Priority B2) and a focus on public health emergency preparedness (Priority B3).  As the public health needs of Southern Strafford County change, the SSCHC will adopt new strategies and priorities needed to make the Community Health Improvement Process (CHIP) successful.

Annual progress towards all SSCHC goals will be reported to the community. Through collaboration with stakeholders, the SSCHC will lead the Community Health Improvement Process for Southern Strafford County.

The CHIP will be guided and monitored by the members of the SSCHC Coordinating Committee.

For the most recent report of our activities in this area, please click here.

For more information or to participate in the creation of a Community Health Profile, please contact us or send in the participation form.