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Community Health Improvement Process

What is the Community Health Improvement Process (CHIP)? 

Community health improvement is not limited to issues associated with traditional public health activities or health services, but may include environmental, business, economic, housing, land use and other community issues indirectly affecting the public’s health. The CHIP is an ongoing collaborative, community-wide effort by these various elements of the local public health system to identify, analyze and address health problems, assess applicable data, inventory community health assets and resources, identify community perceptions, develop and implement coordinated strategies, develop measurable health objectives and indicators, identify accountable entities and cultivate community “ownership” of the entire process. The process provides an opportunity to develop a community-owned, public health improvement plan that will ultimately lead to a healthier community.

To implement the Community Health Improvement Process, the local public health community:

  1. Establishes a community health improvement process which includes broad-based participation and uses information from the community health assessment as well as perceptions of community residents to identify priorities
  2. Develops strategies to achieve community health improvement objectives and identifies accountable entities to achieve each strategy

 This process results in the creation of a public health improvement plan for the communities involved.