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Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI)

Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI)

 The Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) is a pilot program designed to assist cities in increasing their capacity to deliver medicines and medical supplies during a large-scale public health emergency.

  The program is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  As part of the metropolitan Boston area, Strafford and Rockingham Counties, among others in NH, receive a portion of the funds allocated to assist the Boston area in this planning.

CRI activities focus on the collaboration between local, state and federal agencies in receiving and distributing medications from the Strategic National Stockpile.  The States and major cities have been planning to receive, warehouse, and dispense medicines and medical supplies. The next step is to create unified plans that encompass all levels of government.  At the local level, this means creating plans for how municipalities and their partners will interface with State and Federal agencies to assure the safe delivery and distribution of supplies during disaster.* 

The Southern Strafford Community Health Coalition, with funds from the CRI initiative, works with its communities to create plans for Points of Distribution (PODs).  These PODs may be used for the distribution of antibiotics, vaccines or other emergency medications or medical supplies.  The local plans are intended to be flexible and easily adapted to whatever public health crisis may occur – whether it is a large scale pandemic or a localized outbreak of hepatitis A.

Volunteers are needed to help staff a POD in the event of an emergency.  Medical and non-medical volunteers are both needed.  Those interested in volunteering should visit and click on the Disaster Response Volunteers link.

For more information about the Federal CRI program, please visit the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention online at

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